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Larry Vasquez was born in Roswell, New Mexico. His spirituality and his cultural heritage inform his exquisite wearable art. Vasquez blends his own go...
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Mark Grape says...

The only word I find upon my lips is "Amazing." No other artist of your craft can match the harmonic balance that resonates between the pieces of each whole. Lavrio is a master alchemist and has no other to rival his art and craft. It is my honor to wear his work.

Elaine Szeto says...

Thank you for sharing your art pieces -- and that's what they are; not just jewelry, but also art. I really like combination of color and form (be it fluid, solid, solemn, mysterious, or lively), as complemented by each of their names. They all paint vivid pictures in my imagination -- brings me back to the wonderfully simple but strikingly organic movement in some Sesame Street's animation segments that I still remember to this day.

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