Chris Pappan

Ambiguous Narratives of Decolonization

Graphite, colored pencil, map collage on ledger paper, Each drawing: 8.5"h x 13.5"w, framed: 24"h x 20"w, Item No. 15587,


Ambiguous Narratives of Decolonization

I am attempting to break conventions of what I was told Ledger Art is supposed to be (i.e. "a warrior on a horse"). While still limiting myself to the ledger page, the substrate is from an Independent Order of Odd Fellows ledger, a euro american fraternal order that practice strange initiation rituals. Anthropomorphic deities (Deer Woman) serve to reinforce our humanity by bringing the self identity outward (Jung's Animus).  Her actions of burning down the trailers are symbolic of dismantling the systems of colonialism, while the arbiters of those antiquated paradigms dismiss the achievements of our ancestors and attribute them to alien architects. 

-Chris Pappan