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Robin Jones

That You're Part of This Place

Oil and 24k gold leaf on aluminum panel, Image: 36"h x 48"w, framed: 42.5"h x 54.25"w, Item No. 18502,

This painting is an early preview of new work for Robin Jones's debut show with Blue Rain Gallery titled "One Thread."  "One Thread" opens October 29, 2021.

Octopuses are one of the most complex and intelligent animals in the ocean. They can recognize individual human faces, solve problems- and remember the answers for months- and they experience pain and suffering. They are sentient beings and capable of forming ‘relationships’ with humans, as witnessed in the brilliant Academy Award- winning documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’ (from which the title of this painting was taken). Octopuses have recently become an ethical flashpoint, as researchers are attempting commercial octopus farming- not good, as it will further deplete marine ecosystems and needlessly torment these most sensitive and intelligent invertebrates.