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Chris Pappan

Scars of History 1

Pencil / graphite (mixed media) on railroad ledger, Image: 15"h x 10"w, Frame: 21.25"h x 17.25"w, Item No. 21510,

Scars of History 1 & 2

These works are my initial reactions to my experience of the rematriation of In júzhe’ waxóbe (Sacred Red Rock).   It was removed from the confluence of the Shunganunga Creek and Kansas River in 1929 to become a monument to the early founders of the City of Lawrence Kansas. The Kaw Nation has a centuries’ long relationship with the Iⁿ‘zhúje‘waxóbe and value it as a sacred item of prayer.1  In 2022 proceedings began to return Iⁿ‘zhúje‘waxóbe to the people, and in September of 2023 the bronze plaque that had been affixed to him was removed (thus leaving a scar) and he now resides on Kanza ceremonial land.  I was honored to bear witness to his return as the process of healing and celebration continues.