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Erin Currier

Bowie II!

Acrylic and mixed media on panel, 24"h x 18"w, Item No. 20400,

Erin Currier: “This is a portrait of David Robert Jones (January 8, 1947- January 10, 2016). I have always wanted to create a portrait of David Bowie: a personal favorite and considered the most influential musician of the 20th Century. There was no one like him: he was utterly original and unique in everything that he created. In addition to being a musician, dancer, visual artist, writer, and actor, Bowie is a true Seeker; his creative work was driven by a deeper poetic inquiry. Thus, he shared many of my own interests in Buddhism, Beat poetry, Gnosticism, and mysticism, for example. He also leveraged his fame in the service of anti-racism and anti-fascism. For all these reasons, Bowie perfectly embodies the theme of my new series. 

My homage to Bowie is comprised of a ticket from Aya Sofia in Istanbul, some torn music concert posters from Rio de Janeiro, some frankincense and myrrh incense packaging, and a unicorn matchbook.”