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Martin Blundell

High Desert Rain

Oil on canvas, Image: 48"h x 48"w, Frame: 49"h x 49"w, Item No. 21655,

Martin Blundell’s “High Desert Rain” is an oil on canvas landscape that captures the serene yet dynamic presence of a high desert rainstorm at twilight. The evocative painting features a vast sky filled with layered clouds in gradient hues of blue, accented by soft lavender highlights. In the center of the composition, sheets of rain fall from the darkest cloud onto a distant plateau. Across the desert landscape in the painting’s lower third, muted natural tones are interspersed with vibrant stripes of burnt orange and vermilion where the light of the setting sun reaches the earth. Silhouettes of sparse desert foliage decorate the terrain, completing the tranquil, expansive scene.

Blundell's masterfully crafted "High Desert Rain" offers both visual intrigue and a profound, reverential connection to the natural world, making it a compelling acquisition for any collector.