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Roseta Santiago

Dragons & Geraniums

Oil on panel, Image: 12"h x 12"w, Frame: 18.75"h x 18.75"w, Item No. 21641,

In “Dragons & Geraniums,” Roseta Santiago depicts a trio of vibrant pink geraniums that commands attention, their supple petals aglow with a luminous edge as if illuminated from within. The pure black backdrop accentuates the blooms' radiant hues, granting them a spellbinding aura. The geraniums rise from a nest of verdant foliage thriving in a blue and white planter pot adorned with a striking “Loong” dragon design and a gilded rim. The scene exudes an air of grace and mystique, amplified by the piece’s elegant closed-corner frame finished in burnished gold leaf.

“Dragons & Geraniums” is an enchanting synthesis of color, light, and symbolism, and a brilliant testament to Santiago’s artistic finesse that is sure to elevate any collection.