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Raymond Gibby: Call of the Wild, Memorial Day Demo

June 11th, 2024
Several bronzes of wildlife animals in dynamic poses as seen through the gallery window

Raymond Gibby’s exhibition entitled The Call of the Wild grasped viewers intensely on Memorial Day Weekend . Onlookers witnessed a clay mold come alive in his hands, where a Mother Mallard hid three of her babies under the plumage of her wing. 

Finished wet-clay model of a mother mallard with sculpting tools resting beside
Close up of the wet-clay model, featuring the rough textural details of carving and hands sculpting

Gibby enacted a wonderful charm to the experience as he spoke about the numerous influences of his work and how they are ingrained into his path of sculpting. Heavily inspired by Native American culture, the natural world, and his family, Gibby’s works bring forth the many layers to history and familial bonds.  

Portrait of the artist in front of the gallery window, in casual repose beside his bronze sculpture of a howling canine

Raymond Gibby is a bronze sculptor, father, and an explorer of the intrinsic connection between wildlife and humanity. Gibby’s meticulously crafted sculptures enthrall viewers and amplify the significance of stories, nostalgia, and nature in our daily lives. Intricately placed patina bonded with an excruciating attention to detail edicts his work as masterful and a must see for bronze collectors.  Raymond Gibby’s exquisite sculptures are the embodiment of his dedication to his family and all that he holds dear. Gibby’s work is exhibited in our Durango gallery.

Bronze sculpture of a canine--dog, wolf, or coyote--with thick ruff and tail, thin legs standing tall with head thrown back and jaw wide in a howl
Raymond Gibby, Song Dog, Bronze, 15/15, 33"h x 48"w x 11"d

View all of Raymond Gibby's available work  HERE

934 Main Avenue, Unit B
Durango, Colorado 81301
(970) 232-2033


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