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Kathryn Stedham: Spirit of the West, Episode 63

August 25th, 2023

Blue Rain Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming show of new paintings by Kathryn Stedham titled “Spirit of the West.” This show of new works is scheduled for August 25 – September 9, 2023 with an opening night reception on Friday, August 25th from 5 – 7pm.

In a series of landscape paintings contained only by the limits of the canvas, Stedham seeks to project an image of the Southwest that is both enduring and true. She feels a strong desire to be in the Southwest, absorbing all that the landscape has to offer. The vast, wide open topography and rugged formations of New Mexico offer an endless opportunity for creative exploration in her paintings. The artist shares her view of a quickly vanishing landscape. She seeks to capture the rugged escarpments, colorful mesas and hidden arroyos that make the West wild and intriguing. Stedham starts her process in plein air, visiting these solitary places, getting a feeling for the light and how it changes throughout the day to reveal the best possible framework for a painting. Here she creates small, quick plein air studies that she then takes back to her studio to use as information for larger scale paintings that will ultimately convey a distilled impression of the landscape she has so thoughtfully studied.


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The Blue Rain Gallery Podcast is hosted by Leroy Garcia and produced by Leah Garcia. Music by Mozart Gabriel Abeyta.


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