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Nathan Bennett, Episode 24

October 4th, 2021

An introduction to the art of patina with artist Nathan Bennett and Leroy Garcia.

Nathan Bennett describes the method as “using different metals and applying them through the use of fire and various chemicals to create colors on bronze.” The technique is just as complicated and as messy as it sounds, and it requires a great deal of time and patience to master. Bennett’s interest in art stemmed from a young age, receiving 2 university scholarships right out of high school to pursue his dreams. However, during a period of pain and confusion at the age of 18, Bennett was told, “take time to find yourself” and it was then that he found patina and his gift in mastering the art.

While discussing the process with the artist, one could hardly believe that Bennett doesn’t have a solid background in science and alchemy, considering the immense technical terminology and understanding that patina requires, but trial and error led him to create the most vibrant colors and beautiful images.

Even for those who are not aware of the complex patina process, Nathan Bennett’s art proves to be nothing short of compelling.


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