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Raven Skyriver, Episode 62

August 25th, 2023

Born in 1982, Raven Skyriver started blowing glass in high school at the age of sixteen. Raven’s mentor, Lark Dalton, taught him how to build glass blowing equipment and trained him in the traditional Venetian technique. In 2003 Raven was invited to join the William Morris team. He worked on the team until Morris' retirement in 2007. The experience of working with such a talented group of artists galvanized his decision to follow Glass Sculpture as a profession.

Raven lives near the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington, and produces his work in the greater Seattle area. Raven shows his work nationally and has been featured in group shows internationally. His focus in the area of sculpture, and the depiction of marine life is inspired by his island upbringing, and informed by the creatures that inhabit this fragile ecosystem.


View available artwork by Raven Skyriver:

The Blue Rain Gallery Podcast is hosted by Leroy Garcia and produced by Leah Garcia. Music by Mozart Gabriel Abeyta.


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